M Y  S T O R Y

I grew up under the looming conifers of the Pacific Rainforest with my loving parents and my many animal friends. I started photography in Bellingham, Washington at 15 years old when my uncle gave me his Nikon FE2 film camera, and I started writing long before that, shortly after learning the alphabet. These two things are the glue that hold the pieces of me together. I was born in Washington State, but after catching the travel bug I went on an epic road trip across the United States, which eventually led me to catching a flight to Spain, where I would spend the next six years and counting.

To read about this journey, check out my book From the Same Quiver, available on Amazon or at your local bookstore. I spent six years in Granada perfecting my craft as a lifestyle and travel photographer and writing my first book, which was published in December 2019. I currently live in Málaga, but my work (and curiosity) takes me around the globe.

For enquiries or collaboration requests please contact me by email. I would be elated to hear from you.