I’ve always thought that if you have a skill or talent you’ve got to share it, and if you can use that talent to help others that’s even better. Today was the first edition of the Adoption Fair in Granada, and I spent the day working as a volunteer, taking photos of the little critters that don’t have anyone to love and take care of them. I hope that, like on other occasions, my photos help spread awareness about this kind of event and educate people about how these animals are our responsibility, given that we are the ones who domesticated them and then threw them out on the street.

If we could all find little ways to pitch in using our special gifts, I think this world would be a softer, more united, and happier place to live.

I’ve always felt a certain affinity for animals, especially dogs. When I look in their eyes I see something so pure that I can’t imagine it being anything other than love, and even when looking at the ones that snarl and growl I see neglect or abuse. I firmly believe that no animal on this planet is born with hate or cruelness in their souls, just as I believe that no human is born innately evil, and if we treat their fear or agression with unconditional love the results can be debilitatingly beautiful.

This adoption fair, full of compassionate people and animals deserving of a loving home, was like a shot of optimism for me. I saw crowds of Granada’s people supporting the cause, accompanied by their furry friends, and a handful even ended up leaving with a new member to their family. Big high five to everyone who participated!