Seeds of inspiration can come in the most unexpected moments from the most unexpected places. It was a little seed of inspiration that brought Analí and I together for this photoshoot in Málaga at the beach on a vibrant Spring day. I´ve been working on a series of photos entitled “Ámala, pero déjala salvaje” which translates to “Love her, but leave her wild” which speaks to the natural strength and grace that every woman has inside of her, and how force and femininity can be one and the same, rather than a dichotomy of conflicting elements, in a constant battle within our souls. Just as nature has her moments of soft and gentle beauty, she also has her moments of raging passion and power, and so do we. And that is something we should be proud of, and loved for.

The series was shot on four different locations, all very different. I really enjoyed this shoot at the beach with Analí Alcántara Gordils, a flamenco dancer from Venezuela also known as La Pioja. The colors and the energy were breathtakingly perfect. I ended up waist deep in the freezing ocean, the tides pulling and pushing me around, in order to get the perfect angle. Oh, the things we artists do for our art!

“Llevaba los labios de carmín rojo fuerte, pero la mirada discreta.” Carmen Canet.

The series will be on display in Granada, Spain in Decobar SaltaMaría during the month of June. The two dancers who appear in the photos will perform with live musicians at 20h on Saturday the 2nd of June to inaugurate the piece, we all hope to see you there!