From the Same Quiver


From the Same Quiver is a book for risk takers, dreamers and for the lost looking for belonging. It is a tale of amazing friendship, which chronicles a young woman’s exodus from a small town in Washington State to sunny Southern Spain. Kate, along with her childhood friend Miette, goes on an intrepid cross-country road trip to escape the blasé and to search for a more meaningful existence. Accompany these two restless spirits as they struggle to find their places in society and their purposes in life, and join them in their endless laughs and adventures.

From Back Cover:

Kate is lost. She is sick of her job and bored with her life. When she discovers her best friend, Miette, is struggling in her young marriage, they decide to take a road trip across the country to reignite their sparks for life.  Whether it is flirting with handsome men in Las Vegas or seeing the devil in New Orleans, they have the best time. But it is only when Kate reaches an unexpected sunny destination that she finds what she is looking for: her passion and her home.  Fans of Eat, Pray, Love and On the Road will delight in this hilarious tale of a young woman who takes to the road to find herself.

Available in paper back and eBook. 


The day we would say farewell to the Pacific Ocean had arrived, although neither of us knew how long that farewell would last. That was the beauty of it all, I was saying hello to so many new things without really having to say goodbye to anything. Not knowing what would come next for me, where I would end up or with whom; that uncertainty allowed me to experience all of those new places and adventures without feeling obligated to let go of my home. If I had really thought about it I would have realized how unlikely it was that my adventures would lead me back to where I had started, and I wouldn’t have been able to avoid the sentimentality and impending nostalgia that comes with saying goodbye.