For me, one of the most important things in this life is to continue learning. It’s so easy to become accommodated to our routines, to the same sports we always do, the hobbies that we’ve already mastered, the basic dishes that we always cook and always turn out delicious, but if we chug through life like this never stepping out of our comfort zone, we aren’t growing. And I need to grow.

When we try something new, not only is it the fact of having new stimulation that is good for us, but also the experience of not being very good at something, or of being a total beginner. If we always cook pasta with pesto it’s obviously going to be delicious with all that practice under our belt and it may even be enough for us to consider ourselves experts in the kitchen, but if we try to prepare artichoke gratin, what then? It might not turn out so delicious.

Last weekend I fulfilled a lifelong goal, and honestly I don’t know how it took me thirty years to get there. I went to Tarifa, the southernmost point of Spain, with a group of friends and my brother in law and his girlfriend brought their surfboards. As you can see in the photos, there weren’t waves during most of the day but I spent two hours in the water and eventually some little ones started coming in. They knocked me over and rolled me around while my friends laughed from the beach with beers and potato chips, but eventually I managed to stand and I left that day with an exquisite feeling of pride for not having thrown in the towel and for the small step I took by standing up on the surfboard.

We need to set goals. We need to try new things. We need to give our bodies and our minds the opportunity to mess up, and then to feel proud for having tried, and sometimes, for having succeeded.

Also, the above photo is me, just finishing a yawn. Being the photographer that I am, I don’t post many pictures of myself as I am normally behind the camera, and although a shot of me mid-yawn isn’t the most beautiful selfie or the perfect angle, this moment was very special. I was watching the kite surfers, sitting on the wooden bench with my boyfriend and the gang, feeling all of my sore muscles after my big day of surfing. This was a complete moment, in which I felt full, and full of love. So why not share it?