Javi and Charo are the type of gentle people who have a softening effect on the people around them. They smile, they don’t talk to fill silences, and they listen, deeply, when you speak. This is refreshing in a world where stimuli bombards us from all angles; how often are we ever comfortable just sitting in silence in the presence of other people, without succumbing to the temptation of whipping out our phones to scroll through whatever social media we’re slaves to at the first sign of a lull in the conversation? Lulls are not bad. Lulls can be beautiful opportunities to settle into the company we’re in, the landscape that surrounds us, the fresh ocean air that tickles our noses, or whatever situation that we are in. Lulls give the conversation an opportunity to recharge and then surge with new topics, ideas and passion.

These types of comfortable silence are also appreciated in a photography session such as the one we did on the coast of Fuengirola en Malaga last weekend. I knew they were both slightly nervous to stand in front of a camera, I admit that it can be intimidating, but their willingness to hold each other and fix their gaze, calmly, out over the coast of Malaga and the Mediterranean Sea made my job a breeze.

After our photo-shoot, we enjoyed a natural fruit juice in a little bar called Gecko that overlooks the coast from a high cliff. We spoke about Traditional Chinese Medicine, the orgonites that Javi makes (check them out here) and about the nuances of the connection between physical and emotional health. I am constantly reminded about how much you can learn from people if you take the time to ask questions and listen, and I am lucky to have these opportunities so frequently with my photography practice.