I met Deanna when I was five years old. We put on little plays together wearing my mom’s socks on our ears and painting our faces like dogs and then invited the neighbors to come and watch. Our stuffed animals came to life and our bunkbeds transformed into ships charging through the Mediterranean sea. Our bicycles were horses that we raced down the country roads. Life was simple and magical back then.

As we grew up we drifted apart, but I will always have those childhood memories with her. When she asked me to take the photographs for her wedding I was honored! She was marrying her first boyfriend, her high school sweatheart and her best friend, and I couldn’t be happier for them both. The dark clouds threatened to spoil what was supposed to be a sunny August day in her enormous backyard, but in the end the few drops of rain weren’t enough to dampen the party and good spirits. It was almost nostalgic for me to be with her family in her new home, which doesn’t make sense because it was my first time there, but everything was so sweet and magical that it reminded of me of so many of our childhood adventures together.