Today marks the day that I become a published author. It has been a wild ride—since the day I started typing until right now more than two years have gone by, and over those two years have I learned an unfathomable amount about the writing process, the publishing industry and about myself. The world of self-publishing has opened the doors for writers like me to share our stories, but it isn’t as easy as preparing a manuscript and pressing send. Just the editing process alone took over six months! Afterwards, the book must be formatted for digital use and print, and then the cover must be prepared. After that, copyright info and publishing details must be tended to.

I proudly (and, at the same time, humbly) would like to announce that my book is finishedStay tuned to my Instagram for giveaways, and to Amazon for ebook and paperback orders! Additionally, you can always go to your local bookstore and have them order you a copy.

To continue with my series of blog posts sharing photos from the very same journey of which I wrote about in my book, From the Same Quiver, I’d like to share a few photos and a short passage about the most incredible sunrise I will probably ever see in my life.

We rolled down the windows, which we had closed to protect ourselves from the werewolves, and watched the black turn to periwinkle, which was then lit up by a deep, fiery orange. I stepped out of the car and walked to the edge of the lookout. The cliffs and crevasses began to take shape, and I could see the shadows of the steep canyon walls and a silvery river snaking through the cracks in the landscape. The soft glow of the rising sun took its time waking up the birds until everything was illuminated with the lavender light of dawn. It was brisk, but the chills running over my skin weren’t a result of the temperature; I was watching the sun come up over the Grand Canyon. It was a sunrise that the trees and the birds and the coyotes were sharing with us, and I was honored to be part of something so majestic and peaceful. Miette and I were completely alone, not one soul knew where we were, and this was our sunrise. This was between us and Mother Nature.