This year Granada spent six thousand euros on music. Six thousand euros… this stastistic jumped off of the page as I was reading the newspaper today. What a beautiful thing.

It’s true that starting in May, just ambling down the street on a Saturday evening you are likely to stumble upon a free outdoor concert, which is part of Granada Sonora, a series of open-air concerts throughout the city. But these free concerts are not held on podunk stages by mediocre cover bands. No, these concerts are equipped with massive stages, rib-rattling speakers, talented local openers and well-known headliners. They are a place where people coexist and share their love for music and a good time without worrying about prejudices and stereotypes, or if the music goes with their look. You know how you wouldn’t usually find a reggaeton kid at an electronic music club? Well that sort of social divide doesn’t happen at these concerts. They don’t even divide the adults from the teens and children by separating the beer garden off from the rest of society like in the States, which makes for a stronger sense of community and togetherness.

Granad Sound is a music festival which takes place at the end of September, as a sweet farewell to summer. I have been a photographer for this event for the last four years and each edition boasts massive improvements over the previous, as the sound quality, organization and lineup continue to blow me away. There is something magical about the atmosphere at this festival. Maybe it’s the warm, late-summer sun on toasted skin or the fact that everyone has an entire sumer of good times and good vibes to coast on. Either way, it makes the entrance to Fall almost something to look forward to.

Viva la música!