One of my favorite types of photography jobs are shooting simple parties; so much so that when my family throws their annual party at their house when I come home to visit, I always make a photo book, and even though the party is conceptually the same each year, the photos are always different. As the years blur together, it’s sometimes difficult to separate the memories and that’s something I love about these photo books; the uniqueness of each day is captured in a series of images. The whole atmosphere of the day and the specific mixing of each guest’s energy create an unrepeatable experience and a one-time memory that we can relive again and again each time we pull out the photo book.

For everyone featured in these photos, and to those of you who may be more camera shy or who I didn’t get all paparazzi on, thank you for another year of laughs, dances, weird obstacle courses on the one-wheel and damn good food. I only see most of you once a year, but we do a good job of making each time count. Love you all!