The night before Charo and Javi’s wedding, a thick humidity hung heavy in the air and the mid-September skies of Southern Spain were dramatic and expressive. I woke up at six thirty in the morning to cracks of lightning illuminating my bedroom and booms of thunder trembling the floors. Rain dumped from the clouds, and in that moment I thought of Javier and Charo, and the outdoor wedding I was shooting in a question of hours. The roads were flooded and the bus services cut, but magically, the moment I stepped out of Charo’s house after photographing her getting ready in her apartment in Granada, the clouds parted and a diffused sun made itself known.

When we arrived to the hotel, the lobby was holding a two inch pool of water. Luckily for the ladies, our heels saved us from soaking our feet. The intimate ceremony was held in a terrace, where a divine, soft light filtered in through the glass panels of the arches. Javi and Charo were both taking their second stab at marriage, after both having suffered in the past. It was the ultimate feeling of the light after the storm. The Universe has a way of telling us that we are on the right path.