Every wedding has a story and every family is an entire world, with endless layers and backstories. This wedding in Granada was especially impressive, and left a specific mark on me. On both the bride’s and the groom’s side the families had suffered arguments, disagreements, separations, new relationships, bitterness, new couples, and all of this to varying degrees over many years. But here they were, peacefully sitting side by side in a minute chapel celebrating the one thing that they could recognize that they have in common; their love for their children and their desire for them to be happy together. The bride’s father told me, “Of course I’m happy, but I’m also scared. You know, people change when they get married. They can change and things can become ugly and people can get hurt. I just want my girl to be happy. I just want her to not be wrong like I was.” Knowing both halves of the couple, I can honestly say that I don’t think either of them are wrong. And I was proud of everyone for being able to leave their personal issues at the door and let the true protagonists shine.

As a wedding photographer I have the opportunity to witness so much love and compassion; families getting together to celebrate beautiful beginnings, even when skeletons in the closet can make that difficult on any other occasion. What I love most is capturing the the emotions and looking for the nuances that make each wedding unique. If my client is looking for posed, kitschy photographs I tell them directly that I’m not their girl, but if they are looking for a story from start to finish then we just may be a perfect fit.